Get going

The following are guides created by yours truly to inspire folks looking for that extra nudge to get things started. From models to examples to gear, use the guides below to start your thing today.

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$5.00: Audience. Message. Outcome.

Use this guide to build a consistent framework for delivering high-impact communications campaigns. The downloadable PDF includes:

  • Introduction and overview
  • Audience: Why it’s so important
  • Message: How to build a compelling statement
  • Outcome: What you want your audience to do
  • Closing and next steps

$5.00: Education. Validation. Acquisition.

Use this guide to increase awareness and sales. Using in-market technology messaging for enterprises as an example.

The downloadable PDF includes a description and examples of a messaging model to convert more visitors to leads.

My gear.

I tend to be very practical when it comes to the things I use every day. Whether for work or outside of the office, you’ll find many of these items below.

At no cost to you, I earn a small commission for any items below purchased through the corresponding links.

Notebook, Moleskine: Great size (I can tuck it ‘in my back’ when I’m walking around). Softbound feels better. Super minimal yet very impactful. I get black because I’m boring.
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Pens, Pilot: My first (Amazon) order of these was on April 17, 2016 and outside of one wandering eye order (I tried extra fine. Bleh), I’ve used these ever since.

Ever drive on a newly paved highway? These.
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2023: New! Computer, Mac Mini (M2): I traded in my M1 for an M2 Mac Mini. With the return, the new computer came to like $300. It’s even more inexpensive with the trade-in (is the M3 coming soon?) and I really like my monitor, keyboard and trackpad. Why learn new devices every time a new computer arrives?

Small. Powerful. It’s tucked under my desk. Used for more focused tasks like video production, audio production and design.

Base model for me. I’m really good at resource management. (Not my first Mac Mini.)
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Tablet, iPad Pro 12.9 (2018): I use my iPad Pro more than any other tool. With a keyboard and pencil, it’s where I do the majority of my research, reading and writing in addition to nearly all website-related updates and management.

I have some interest in the newer iPads. I have zero interest in cellular service on my iPad. 1TB storage is too much, yet that’s what I have.
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Audio, AirPods Pro 2: I wear these constantly. Work calls. Sleeping. Podcasts. YouTube.

I own the original AirPods and the original AirPods Pro.
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Audio, AirPods Max: OMG $500 headphones?! I’m heavily invested in audio. Used for in-depth audio and video projects.

I don’t travel with these. They drown out cats meowing ALL DAY.

I was really concerned about them scratching so I bought some ear covers. (Yet, I don’t use a cover for my phone. Go figure.)
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Camera, Canon M50 MI: My first ‘real’ camera. Mirrorless. Compact. Great photos, video. The small size is the biggest plus. Paired with some new lenses, external mic and some other gadgets, this has been a workforce for product shoots, portraits, landscapes and other photography and videography.

If you’re looking to emulate Van Neistat, this isn’t your camera.
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Camera, GoPro Hero 8: I use this for a lot of behind the scenes and time-lapse footage. Easy to set up. Straps to anything. Stabilization is very good.

Typically not worried about audio when using the GoPro. Recently set up as my webcam.
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Drone, DJI Spark: I use this for overhead or moving shots. Super smooth, added lens filters for better shots in bright lights. Compact. Good battery life (get extras).

I’m pretty sure DJI has put out smaller ones since the Spark. Since I don’t shoot in 4K, this continues to be a winner.
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