You are the service

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So regardless of whether or not you embrace marketing, view it as a necessary evil, or feel entirely indifferent about it, I’ve got three ideas to help you quickly improve your MSP marketing efforts.


Being a managed services provider–or really, any services provider–is messy. There is no off-the-shelf service to provide every single client or prospect.

(You can build an ebook as a demand generation tactic. You are not in the demand generation business. You are in the managed services business.)

However, as a managed services provider, you likely aren’t attempting to sell any off-the-shelf service. Rather, you are trying to sell you.

You–your company–is the service.

Sure, SD-WAN and SASE and some other acronyms are hot these days. And different acronyms will be hot tomorrow.

However, it’s your company that should be the focus of your marketing efforts. Your relationships with other services providers, your relationships with clients, with local/state/federal policy makers, with key strategic partners.

Your clients and prospects can likely get the services they need from just about any provider.

Can they get those relationships that you’ve built over the ## years? Can they understand routing tables and corporate-wide multi-factor authentication execution at the same level your as your business?

“We know there is a tendency for people in the MSP space to be analytical by nature and that attention to detail serves you well in the tech realm and implementation phase.”

That feels like the key one might build their messaging around.

Then, once in place, start targeting these clients and prospects with service-level messaging. Make some intuitive assumptions based on their engagement activity. Get some internal training going, then hit the send button.

Getting comfortable with MSP marketing can be a steep mountain to climb. By messaging your company as the service, that mountain should be much easier to ascend.

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