WWDC, the Apple logo and overuse

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The Apple logo means something very important to the company, but no dollar value can be placed on it. And they could squander some of that value by overusing (or misusing) it.


The focus of that quote is on the Apple developer ecosystem. Seems like a(nother) reckoning is coming with developers and companies.

We even saw this with Microsoft many years ago and rehashed in the past few weeks:

I actually don’t even remember when I first said this ‘developers, developers, developers’ thing. I probably said it 1,000 times. I thought the first time I said it was actually an event for developers trying to show the developers love. But it’s possible I did it first internally.

– Steve Ballmer

It’s so fascinating to try to get people to understand the context of, ‘I love this company.’ That was all very real at the moment. It is just what you have to do for so many people.

– Steven Sinofsky

Back to Apple, WWDC and John Gruber’s opening quote above.

What’s interesting to me is the second half of the statement and how it relates to a business’ (including Apple’s) messaging and positioning.

Forget the logo for a minute. What are you saying to your community and how often are you saying it? Burnout is a real thing. From working at home to leading a team of 50,000 professionals to messaging.

Think about a recent ad that’s stuck with you. How often have you seen it around the web or on TV or on radio? My guess: If it’s a memorable (ie, successful) ad, it has a short run time. One that will likely be repurposed at a future date.

Also, It’s amazing the further we get out from the Microsoft v. Apple collisions the more we realize how close they actually were.

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