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Hey. It’s Wil.

I write about the business impact of marketing and communications in a relationship-first world. Learn more about me here.

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What I wrote

  • Do you trust me?: From digital transformation to the demand for simplicity, why is it taking us so long to get closer to our clients, employees and partners?
  • Hobie: Hobie was that bartender.
  • The new Podcast tab displays various podcasts in a TikTok-style carousel that you can swipe through. (link) The microchunking of podcasts? This design and UI looks really cool, although I’m not sure how we’re supposed to consume an audio story of some length in a few short seconds? I’d have to assume highly produced podcasts (audio and visual) will be the big winners here.
  • …that include innovative new probabilities-based forecasts of different situational outcomes… (link) We watched a bit of the New York Mets game last night. The commentary was different (not in a bad way) and the text on the screen was much easier to read. I didn’t care for the probabilities-based forecasts. Also, the Mets are 2-0. LGM.
  • From an email between colleagues to a quarterly board report, every type of writing can get more focused and efficient with Smart Brevity. (link) I’m enjoying the Smart Brevity methodology from Axios. I’m just not enjoying the single bullets.

And a podcast

Podcasts have been an on-again-off-again endeavor for me. My first podcast was produced a decade ago, focusing on me talking with a software developer about the agile methodology of software development.

Fast-forward ten years and I have another podcast, The New Communicator. Here’s the way I am positioning it:

Stop squandering money, time and resources on targeting random onlookers with vague and often irrelevant outcomes. Leverage your strong business relationships to get your message in front of the right audience.

When it comes to B2B communications, I’m of the belief you build your network from within. Leverage the people you know to grow your audience, your leads, your revenue.

Of all the digital and traditional communications tools we have to get our unique messaging in front of new audiences, it continues to surprise me the lack of focus on the relationships we have built over the years.

Join me to hear conversations that help make business communications work.

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