The weekly wrap. (05/06/22)

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Is it just me or do things feel like they are opening up? Not just in the literal sense; the feeling sense, too?

I read this article (link) about vacancy rates on the Upper West Side (we were in NYC last week – still fresh in our minds) haven’t really moved since October 2020.  I’m sure that stat can be argued either way, however I’m not sure it tells the story about New York being back.

(At least, not this neighborhood.)

Many of the places we visited when we lived there were still open. And some new spots were popping up. A cafe with dogs? So very Upper West Side.

Then there’s the feeling of Spring. It’s sooo close.

We visited during tulip season, one of the (many) great times to be in New York. The West Side Community Garden on 89th hosts an annual Tulip Festival, which is a good time to start thinking about Spring. The photo above is from this year’s Tulip Festival.

And the Great Lawn in Central Park was bustling with the sounds of softballs hitting bats and mitts.

Back home, I’ve started to see more business invitations to gatherings and events. While not robustly attended, it’s a start.

With all this qualitative feedback about things opening up, it’s the quantitative feedback where I see the biggest impact.

Through our own invitations to business events, we’re seeing incredible engagement rates. People, I think, are read to start seeing people again.

I’ve been working with one person for the last year, yet I haven’t met him in person. Last night at a local business alliance event, I met him.

It was a great feeling.

Stuff I wrote this week

  • I posted two consume this articles, here and here.
  • I posted an article on cookies and disruption and being held hostage (link). Maybe it’s just an annoyance, or maybe it’s a symptom to a greater problem (that will offer greater change). Either way, it stinks.
  • I’m still finding the right balance with the podcast. At some point (soon), I’ll take my own advice and just ship it.

Have a great weekend.

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