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We’ve known for some time that Meta Platforms Inc., formerly Facebook, has been working on a smartwatch to take on the Apple Watch and other wearables.


I wonder if Mark is coming to some realization that he picked the wrong company to focus on with his Power On newsletter. He’s really trying to hit hard on making a mess of Facebook, Facebook, Inc. and Meta Platforms, Inc.

Let’s quickly review:

  • Meta Platforms, Inc = Formerly Facebook, Inc.
  • Facebook = Still Facebook the app

Then, this:

Meta gets the jump on Apple’s mixed reality headset with its own device. Facebook’s Connect conference was filled with hazy aspirations, marketing slogans and technologies that may never see the light of the day. But at the end, before announcing its name change, then-Facebook did manage to debut a new hardware device that could be quite compelling: a mixed reality headset.


Never mind the swinging back and forth. Does Mark know what the Facebook Connect conference is?


Facebook Connect is a one-day virtual event that explores the future of augmented and virtual reality. Industry leaders will share the latest technologies, and developer sessions will cover how to use them. Our goal is to bring the world closer together and deepen human connection
through new experiences.


It’s a developer conference. It’s not a product announcement?

Nobody’s perfect. And this week’s newsletter proves it.

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