Taking off.

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A view from the tarmac.

Hey. It’s Wil.

I normally write about the intersection of communications and technology, especially for those looking to build new ways to communicate with their B2B clients.

I’m adding another series of stories to my site. More personal stories based on photos and videos I’ve shot over the years. The first month of these visual stories is open to everyone. Starting in March, I’ll tuck them behind a member area.

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Enjoy a recent photo story below.

My family moved around a lot when I was young. In fact, looking at my professional career, I’ve continued to move around.

A lot of that had to do with opportunities.

My father was very successful in the business world, which opened up opportunities. He didn’t let geography get in the way of creating the life he wanted to bring us up in.

The great thing about moving around is the introduction to new cultures. Whether around the world or in a neighboring town, we all do things just a little different than how we do them at home.

I think moving around as a youngster led me to my enthusiasm for travel. Well, that and a hunger to learn new stuff in new parts of the world.

And it takes a lot of patience to learn. To want to understand how others view the world helps us all grow, individually and together.

A few years ago, we visited the Museum of Mountain Flying at the Missoula International Airport in Western Montana.

The tour of older planes was terrific. And walking right out onto the tarmac to see today’s planes taking off was pretty cool.

Missoula International Airport. Missoula, Montana.

I’ve missed not traveling (as much) over the past few years.

We’re excited to get back to traveling again and seeing our friends no matter where they are.


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