Soda and your next comms project

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Therefore the overall concept was to emulate everyday moments you might take a break to have a Diet Coke.


Ever struggle with a communications project? You know there’s a good story and you believe your clients, prospects and market want to know about the story.

Yet, you can’t think how to create a message around it.

If you’re Coca-Cola, you look back in time.

And if you’re a small business who’s been around for a few years, why not do the same?

  • A validation message? Start with your founding mission statement and tie the two messages together.
  • A press release? Open with the success of your business over the past ## years and how this news will enable further client success going forward. (Client = hero, right?)
  • An internal message? Think about a cool internal story that happened when the business was first starting out and wrap your current message around it.

We think a lot about the future these days.

  • Where we’re going next
  • What cool technology is available for our clients
  • How we transition into a nimble and agile organization

However, it just might be the past that enables your future success. Why not leverage that message. Don’t use it for every communications project, though. (The future still holds value.)

Maybe tie it to the anniversary of starting your business. Each year, pick a story that only a few would know.

This type of message accomplishes a few things:

  • Reinforces your longevity
  • Gives clients, prospects and others a ‘peek’ behind the scenes
  • Delivers some earned media

When’s your next business anniversary? Use Coca-Cola’s approach and harken back to the past to enable your future.

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