Please be aware that your experience my be disrupted until you accept cookies.

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Sometimes I’ll flip through my photo library and one immediately pops out that conjures up some emotion.

This one’s focused on a specific experience. One that seems to be hurdling uncontrollably downhill.

And that’s a combination of what I call “web page crap” and “crap experience”.

One leads to the other.

The web page crap, as seen below as an example, is stuffing web pages with an unreal amount of cookies, trackers, scripts and, well, crap.

153 cookies, with this statement:

Please be aware that your experience my be disrupted until you accept cookies.

Like, I sorta get it.

Bandwidth speeds have increased in specific markets over the past decade and with broadband included in federal and state funding initiatives, we’ll see more high-speed broadband around the country.

That creates an awesome experience for both the provider and the consumer.

So, what do we do with that opportunity?

We stuff more and more crap into web pages to fill the needs and demands of advertisers so we can make money from a crap experience, ultimately turning our visitors (prospects!) away from our digital home altogether.

And, given the statement above, we’re unable to fully experience the publisher’s content unless we accept their cookies. Otherwise known as their Cookie Declaration.

(Ie, even if you pay to access this site, you are still being held hostage to their kindly worded Cookie Declaration.)


What’s the answer?

I can only hope it has something to do with subscriptions, new identity models and trust.

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