Painting on a hill.

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It’s funny.

I think, given my experience and interests, I should be more science than art.

Mired in data all day, trying to understand the latest trends to ensure we’re delivering projects with the right value to the right audience (at the right time, on the right device…).

(That’s a lot of Excel.)

(I ♥️ Excel.)

And yet, the other side of my brain is yelling at me: “Don’t forget about me! I’m important, too!”.

Coming from a family of artists, I don’t fit the typical artist type.

And maybe that’s ok.

Maybe art isn’t only photos and paintings. Maybe it’s not how we typically think of the creative side of the brain.

  • Rather, maybe it’s in how we code. There’s art to that, right?
  • Maybe it’s how we approach business. There has to be art there?
  • And maybe it’s how we build our spreadsheets. There’s definitely art in building spreadsheets!

The familiar phrase is how we.

Maybe art is in the uniqueness that we all have within us.

Science is something we can pick up within a matter of time. Art, though, that’s something that takes an unknown amount of time.

And that’s unique to us.

I was on a morning hike a year ago. I had my camera and drone with me, taking in some of the incredible views that are within a short distance from our home.

On the way back to the car, I stood in awe watching this artist.

Painting on a hill.

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