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2020 was a crazy year.

So crazy, I published my first two books.

They won’t ever be bestsellers, however it was an itch I wanted to scratch. From layout to design to publication and distribution, it was a process I really wanted to put myself through. No matter how frustrating.

And satisfying.

Two completely different books. One crazy year.

Wil’s Travel Guide: Phoenix, Arizona

Available on Amazon.

I really like to travel. I really like to eat. I really like taking photographs. I really like to find speakeasy and dive bars.

Mix them all up, throw in a Cleveland Browns football game and my first travel guide was ready. A taste (see what I did there?) of what’s inside:


Every year for the past three years, I meet my dad in a different city to watch the Cleveland Browns play. The game we picked in 2019 was against the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale, Arizona.

While the game was on a Sunday, I arrived on a Thursday and walked the streets of downtown Phoenix, covering more than 23 miles over the next three days and shooting more than 200 photos and videos.

These photos were shot during this three-day stretch. The locations can be found at the end of this article. Example locations include:

  • Welcome Diner: After arriving at the hotel, taking a few phone calls and checking into the hotel, it was already starting to get dark. I wanted to visit the Welcome Diner for dinner. This shot was taken on the walk back from dinner.
    Location: 929 East Pierce Street.
  • The Valley Bar: On the walk back from Welcome Diner, I wanted to find the Valley Bar. The address led me to this barber shop, which was closed. The entrance to the Valley Bar is actually in an alley way around the back.
    Location: 130 North Central Avenue.
  • Gallo Blanco Cafe y Bar: While I was waiting for the Welcome Diner to open, I found the Gallo Blanco Cafe y Bar. It was a nice spot with good WiFi, delicious tacos and a refreshing margarita.
    Location: 928 East Pierce Street.

2021 Marketing Plans: Food Trucks

Available on Amazon.

I like to write. I like marketing. I like food.

So, I wrote a marketing plan for food trucks.


Imagine pulling up to your favorite location in your newly-vinyl-wrapped food truck, ready to sling steaming cheesesteaks to an already-waiting group of hungry locals during their lunch hour. After delivering the final lunch order and beginning to shut down the grill, you wonder: “How did this get so FUN?”.

Food truck marketing–brand awareness, community messaging and product advertising–is the key to your daily and future success. In this marketing plan, we’ll dive into the key pieces of a successful marketing strategy:

  • Your digital home: Where your ads, messaging point to
  • Your advertising: Paid placement
  • Your messaging: Organic and earned media

This marketing plan will:

  • Act as a guide for promoting your business
  • Set goals and milestones for new, returning customers
  • Determine roles, responsibilities and budget for promoting your food truck

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