“My” music.

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I still remember buying my first album. I know it was a cassette and I bought it with my own money at a flea market in San Jose, California.

Oddly, I don’t remember the artist (I think it was Run D.M.C.) or the album (maybe King of Rock?).

And that underlines that I wasn’t ever really into music. At least for the first decade or two.

In high school, I was introduced to Yo! MTV Raps by my buddy James. It was around this time I found “my” music: Three fellas from far away New York.

The Beastie Boys.

Since then, I’ve been introduced to a ton of different music. From Royal Crown Revue and Super Diamond to Dave Matthews and the Rolling Stones.

All incredible artists. All amazing live entertainers.

We were in London in 2016. Lucky for us, so was the Exhibitionism show at the Saatchi Gallery. A meandering look at the life of the Rolling Stones.

From their first apartment to their latest show, the experience was unforgettable.

The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism show in London.

A few weeks before our London trip, we walked over to the Adam Yauch Park in Brooklyn.

I’ve learned to enjoy a lot of different music over the years. There’s something about that feeling when you know you’ve heard “your” music.

Finding your thing provides a greater appreciation for other artists, while continuing to fortify your devotion to your thing.

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