Losing focus: A weekend of links.

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I struggled to focus this past weekend.

Not that it was a lost weekend:

  • I learned how to set up an ETH domain
  • I minted my first NFT via Mirror.xyz
  • I opened an OpenSea account

Or, maybe depending on your thoughts on Web3, it was a lost weekend?

After going through the process of setting all that up, I can recommend to otheres: It’s not ready yet.

It’s early, and the onboarding process is very confusing and time consuming. Until someone is able to create a wizard-like setup process, this won’t hit mainstream for anytime soon.

All that experience and yet I couldn’t get into the groove of publishing an article. Not for a lack of trying, either.

Still, nothing concrete to publish.

In lieu of a B2B article, here are some links to stories I found interesting.

And a looped video of boat anchored on Flathead Lake, Montana. Maybe I should have focused on this loop over the weekend?

  • I reconfigured my audio setup to restart my podcast (I’m excited about this!)
  • Matter is coming to the big screen! I’ve moved from Instapaper to Matter over the past 12 months. I don’t think there’s any one thing I like about Matter – it’s everything together. (I still use Instapaper to catch emails.)
  • USA! ⚽️ 🏆 (That Luca de la Torre kid is something special. A mix between John O’Brien and Thiago Alcântara.)
  • The new B2B growth equation. The article is beautifully laid out. Also, I was walking into this story with B2B marketing on my mind (duh). To think it was a sales-focused story was interesting. No matter the platform, always focus on where your audience is.
  • The Overcast Redesign: Part One. What I’ve seen and read so far… Eh. I guess I don’t understand the reason for this redesign. How often do I spend in the app v. how often am I using the app? I set up playlists one a month? I add new playlists once a week? I listen to podcasts (and uploads) every day. Looking forward to Part Two.
  • John Roach, Pioneer of the Personal Computer, Is Dead at 83. I didn’t know the story behind bringing the Tandy computers to market (or what TRS stood for!).
  • We made it through our second quarter! A good story and a great team to root for.

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