How did that happen?

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Simon Owens:

“Sure, the upfront money is great, but are you harming your career by choking off your reach?”

Joe Fedewa:

“The most annoying thing? I don’t subscribe to any podcasts on Spotify. It’s not something I have ever used, but Spotify won’t stop bugging me about podcasts.”

I’m wondering if the comparison here should be with Bill Simmons. As the original Sports Guy, he built an amazingly strong and intimate following, even though his audience continued to grow.

Then he moved to ESPN, then to The Ringer and now he’s at… I don’t have a clue as to where he’s at now.

Begrudging someone for cashing in is silly.

(Have you ever stared at a $100 million payout?)

However, in the long run, those original followers will no longer be there to help grow that intimate audience, which is a big part of the enjoyment of putting the work in.

Once it becomes about money (and all the stuff that goes into making that money), burnout pops up and the talent / quality suffers.

Greed is good.

Until it goes unmanaged.

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