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2022 felt like a grand media experiment.

From creating new podcasts to building a Substack to immersing myself in niche markets, everything felt fun again.

Much of that niche market research was spent on understanding the future of communications. And with the introduction of ChatGPT, Semafor and other news in the second half of year, everything seemed to topple over once again.

Yet, through all the promised change and coming transformation, I leaned heavily on these two passages:

One of the biggest problems with the Internet is the rampant recency bias. Nearly every algorithm prioritizes what’s new, which pulls people towards news and away from what’s timeless. This recency bias so thoroughly rules our lives that we can’t see it.

David Perell @david_perell

It’s all part of modern day marketing. But really to succeed we should be investing in each other. It’s just so much more authentic.

The Indiependent : The slow journey to not syndicating my content

All that thinking and doing and experimenting led me down the road of “what’s old is new again”.

So, I exported all my posts from Substack and imported them into my website. And I now plan on using Substack as my podcast host and driver.

I like Substack for writing, however I get hung up on brand, experience, etc. – all the little things I want to own for myself.

The podcast industry has a discovery and sharing challenge; two challenges that are closely linked. I think Substack has a solution for this (I don’t know what it is yet).

Starting on January 1, 2023…

  • The New Communicator podcast will be refreshed, and available on Substack (and wherever you listen to podcasts)
  • My articles will now be available on my website (and via my newsletter and RSS)

More updates soon.


  • This article was cross-posted on my Substack: The New Communicator
  • This article is available as a podcast episode
  • Light edits to the article made on Monday, December 19, 2022

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