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Is a word we use everyday

Most the time we use it in the wrong way

That’s from the first verse of Whodini’s Friends.

I cherish those friendships I’ve worked hard to hold onto.

While we don’t talk everyday and sometimes for years, when we do get together it’s like time has stood still.

Nothing’s changed. We pick up right where we last left off.

Some you grew up with, around the way

And you’re still real close to this very day

It’s the word and definition of ‘friend’ that probably irked me as a kid. And, stubbornly, one that I didn’t let go.

(Patagonia is like that for me. A gradudate-study case study a decade ago has ruined that brand for me.)

While those dear friends will be there when we need it most, there are those other friends that are with us every day. Those friends we take for granted. Those friends we are so thankful for, we can’t think of the words or muster the courage to thank them for being a friend.

If we revert to a previous definition of the world friend:

Old English freond “one attached to another by feelings of personal regard and preference,”

That’s a definition I can get behind.

And one that offers a different view of a friend.

Penelope: A friend.

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