Deep fried Oreos.

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March 27, 2004.

At least that’s the date on the Oreo picture.

It was one of our first trips to New York. It might have even been our very first trip.

I like this picture for a number of sentimental reasons. I also like this image for the simplicity in its message.

  • Product. Quantity. Price.
  • Bright. Easy to read.
  • A little quirky.

I’ll go back to old photos and even older advertisements to see how the world functioned. How we consumed media.

(Guinness and Volkswagen ads of yesterday were the absolute best.)

A simple and direct approach (with some quirkiness) has typically resonated with me.

Is that boring? Or dull?


However, it gives us the flexibility of accomplishing a few of our goals while spending more time on more complex, fun projects.

(We definitely ordered a round of Oreos. Then we moved on to the arepas.)

Deep fried Oreos.

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