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A view from above.

Hey. It’s Wil.

I normally write about the intersection of communications and technology, especially for those looking to build new ways to communicate with their B2B clients.

I’m adding another series of stories to my site. More personal stories based on photos and videos I’ve shot over the years. The first month of these visual stories is open to everyone. Starting in March, I’ll tuck them behind a member area.

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Enjoy a recent photo story below.

I once worked in the data center world.

The amount of compute and storage resources is incredible, and adding security and heating/cooling elements makes these data centers incredibly complex.

In 2018, I was driving to Northern California from Montana. While I had made this trip a few times before, I was looking for a different route.

There’s only so much driving across Northern Nevada one can take.

So I ended up going through Oregon. And after doing some research, I stayed in Prineville, OR.

Why Prineville? I read about this new plot of land being gobbled up by Apple, Facebook and others for data centers.

As I toured the area, I found a spot, parked and lifted my drone up in the air.

This photo, one of my favorites, was the result.


There’s a longer story here about the city of Prineville, tech’s impact on the town’s culture and an aggressive guide away from the data center campus.


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