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Random thoughts

Happy last day of May.

A busy week ahead…

Articles (and emails)

The Document Culture of Amazon. (Justin Garrison)

A majority of my meetings start with reading a document. This takes “this meeting could have been…” and flips it upside down. Most of the time, if there isn’t a doc there isn’t a meeting.

This is amazing.

A great way to qualify meetings–for both attendees and host.

Growing fast: An interview with Box CEO Aaron Levie. (McKinsey & Company)

If you think of traditional enterprise software companies, you tend to not think of high-energy, highly disruptive, fast-iterating, agile-development-oriented environments. How do you take a sales force and a services organization that look more like a or an Oracle or an IBM and marry that with a product and a cadence and a culture that moves like a Google or a Facebook? That’s what we’re trying to do at Box.

From a 2014 article.

Funny how a lot has changed (Box) yet not much has changed (moving enterprise cultures).

On internal communications. (Ashley Mayer)

1) Context Matters: Don’t assume everyone on your team has the same context. Some of your employees are reading literally everything about the current economic environment and its potential impacts on the startup ecosystem, others are focused on different things.

I don’t know if this entry was first for a reason.

Getting everyone an understanding of who, why and what of the communications is so important.

(This is true of external comms, too.)

Podcasts (and videos)

(TWTR SPC) How The Web Evolved – The Reunion Of The Social Web TV Crew. (Techmeme Ride Home)

Lightning round: Will we be better or worse in two years?

I know I’ve linked to this specific episode previously. However, the feedback at the end (~1:37:28) was fascinating.

More better than worse responses.

Twitter’s Chief Tries Staying the Course as Elon Musk Upends Plans. (NYTimes)

It was what Mr. Agrawal could do given the circumstances. That’s because of all the top jobs in tech, the 38-year-old is in what may be the most impossible one.

Being attacked from inside and out, including your (likely) new boss.

Impossible is the right word.

Who owns the message? (The New Communicator)

An amazing episode. Don’t miss this one! – Me.

From Texas to Paris, we’re missing the communicator role. And it shows.

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