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Random thoughts

Well, that was a terrible game.

Not just the outcome.

From start to finish, it felt like the production of the best soccer tournament was simply not good enough.

From crappy camera angles to reseeding the pitch 72 hours before the kickoff to speculation by the hosts to delay after delay to blaming a specific set of supporters.

(Especially that team’s supporters!)

Given the images and videos and first-hand accounts, it certainly seems that France is up against it when it comes to planning large sports events. Good thing they aren’t hosting another sporting event any time soon.


Instead of stating what’s known by folks that were actually there, heads of groups rush in to take an angle before any interviews or discussions have happened.

Feels all too normal over the past week.

Articles (and emails)

How Communicators Can Work to Rebuild Trust. (Spin Sucks)

Trust is less quantifiable than other forms of capital. Its decline is vaguely felt before it’s plainly seen. It’s also incredibly challenging to restore it once it’s lost.

This article was posted back in December 2021, however it feels like an evergreen article. A foundational topic in communications (and marketing and advertising and…) that we should all think about regularly.

As I started to explore web3, blockchains, etc., I wrote this piece: The Communications Protocol and Trust theory: Building long-term value in your business.

VMware customers may have questions about Broadcom’s sudden shift into enterprise software. (CIODIVE)

Broadcom said it plans to nest its software arm under the VMware brand, resulting in an expanded portfolio of infrastructure and security software solutions.

It’s like the Apple of the B2B industry, flipped around. Instead of starting with software, Broadcom started with chips and is working its way up the stack.

I’m not sure the angle of this story. Within the article, it notes:

For Broadcom, known for semiconductor development, the deal (a 44% premium over VMware’s stock price before rumors) is a sudden and strategic shift. VMware will account for 49% of software sales and retain its brand name.

“A sudden and strategic shift”, yet it’s been acquiring enterprise software organizations since 2019. And in the past few years, its stock as responded favorably:

  • 01/01/18: $248.03
  • 07/11/18: Broadcom announces intent to acquire CA Technologies
  • 01/01/19: $268.25
  • 08/08/19: Broadcom announces intent to acquire Symantec’s enterprise security business
  • 01/01/20: $305.16
  • 05/27/22: $583.28

Micro advertising networks are on the rise. (Stacked Marketer)

While the ad market continues rising, it seems mainstream advertising platforms aren’t bringing the results they used to, thanks to ongoing privacy issues.

Privacy issues. First-party data. Lack measurement insights. Trust in advertising results. Probably not all that surprising given the moment we’re living in.

Podcasts (and videos)

The NRA’s Secret Tapes. (NPR)

Tim Mak of NPR’s Investigations team obtained secret recordings of how they developed their message; it would become their standard response for decades of school shootings to come.

How often do we get an inside, real-time look into messaging and positioning during a crisis? Who is involved? What are the talking points? How is the messaging being delivered. Who is delivering the message?

And with decades behind us, how successful (however we want to define success) was the message?


Reframing Problems into Opportunities. (The Futur)

Reframing is just looking at the situation through a new frame.

I used this as the intro to my latest podcast episode. As a kid who grew up in the art world, the framing piece makes a lot of sense.

How Designers and Webflow can help with digitizing your whole business. (Flux Academy)

How does this website integrate into your business.

Websites, like email, will continue to be the foundational communications infrastructure for all businesses. And both are excellent opportunities to transform and test new customer experiences.

The New Communicator, my podcast, is available on…

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