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Random thoughts

I was on a media call earlier this week and I asked the political ads question I referenced here. This call, focused on brand advertising placements, was in the middle of a Connected TV discussion when I asked the question.

The response: More or less, Connected TV advertising is insulated from political ads. It just hasn’t been discovered as a vehicle for carrying political messages.

That was refreshing.

Still, this has to be an opportunity that’s just waiting for one person’s success (similar to Obama’s email entrance). With Amazon carrying NFL games, Apple TV carrying MLB games and soccer likely coming to more digital platforms, it’s just a matter of time.

Articles (and emails)

Behind VW’s ‘reboot’ to lighter creative and more flexible media spending. (AdAge)

“Now, with the scandal mostly in its rearview window, VW is taking a decidedly lighthearted turn with a new round of ads and social media and influencer work that attempts to reclaim the clever, witty tone of the brand’s past. At the same time, VW is executing a more flexible media buying plan to deal with the unpredictability of today’s automotive market caused by supply chain issues.”

This will be a fun campaign to watch.

GDPR and Apple’s App Tracking Transparency have… (@nikitabier)

“GDPR and Apple’s App Tracking Transparency have decimated more small business jobs than any policy change in the last decade. All in an attempt to inflict pain on Facebook by a handful of privacy absolutists in Cupertino & Brussels.”

A different take. The comments are usually the eye-opening part, as is the case here.

As Google offers more personalized advertising, Apple suggests that in some cases, personalization doesn’t matter. (eMarketer)

“Users will be able to give specifics on ads they prefer within My Ad Center: everything from basketball to health to the energy industry. They may even request ads from particular brands.”

The entire article is fascinating, basically a shoulder shrug of whether personalizing ads is effective. Maybe Google’s approach resembles more of the one-to-one messaging approach and, maybe, even providing better reporting.‌

Podcasts (and videos)


“I’m not going to talk about basketball…. Any basketball questions don’t matter…”

So started Steve Kerr’s pre-game discussion with the media. Folks like Steve Kerr and Charles Barkley and other celebrities will drive change. Know your audience.

(TWTR SPC) How The Web Evolved – The Reunion Of The Social Web TV Crew (Fixed). (Techmeme Ride Home)

“How was the web won and lost? If you had to do Web2.0 over again, what would you do differently? What is the future of Twitter under Elon Musk. All this and more from a huge crew of web 2.0 OGs.”

Fun drive down the web1 and web2 highway.

AT&T Unveils Fastest Broadband Internet. (Bloomberg)

“I’m a little confused by the 5G rollout…”

AT&T is rolling out a 5 gigabits per second home internet service. Or, 5G.

This is confusing. And so familiar.

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