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Random thoughts

I consume a lot of information. That’s what these articles are aimed at – sharing my thoughts on today’s business communications and marketing stories.

Given the amount of information I consume, it’s strange to me there aren’t more political ads in the market.

  • Summer is *almost* here, which likely means more folks are unplugging
  • Primaries are wrapping up
  • Voting isn’t on our minds (ie, monkeypox)

Maybe politicians are realizing voters all a little tapped out and are looking for different ways to connect with their constituents.

Or, maybe folks are waiting for the Champions League final match before placing ads.

Either way, the lack of political advertising is both scary (what’s to come?) and refreshing at the same time.

Ps: Computer issues behind me now. Sometimes we all just need a refresh.

Articles (and emails)

  • Do advertisers care about bots? (Mobile Dev Mem0)
    “Direct response advertisers optimize towards business objectives: purchases, registrations, etc. Bots may muddy a direct response advertiser’s understanding of its CPM metric, but CPM (and reach) is primarily a vanity metric for direct response advertisers. Direct response advertisers are focused on “bottom-of-the-funnel” metrics that aren’t influenced by bots. This is why, while annoying and unacceptable, the consistent drumbeat of revelations that this-or-that big ad platform inflated its reach metrics doesn’t tend to perturb direct response advertising budgets.”

    “…business objectives: purchases, registrations, etc.”. A great read on why digital advertising doesn’t really matter for business outcomes. Brand advertising v. direct response (or acquisition-focused) advertising. Businesses should put their CPM digital advertising resources behind the former and focus on direct relationship marketing for the latter.

  • How The Pandemic Transformed B2B Buying. (Forrester)
    From the study: “Buyers may need guidance after conducting self-guided research. They also crave interpersonal connection — perhaps even more so during the pandemic.”

    I wonder how much of this craving is from the pandemic and how much of this is based on the need for more executives to be involved in B2B buying decisions (ie, more collaboration across the organization).

  • Economic turbulence hits media and tech companies. (eMarketer)
    “Microsoft has promised to bump up employee compensation. Company executives announced plans to “nearly double” its employee compensation budget and increase stock compensation for some early to mid-career employees by at least 25%, per Bloomberg.”

    Probably the biggest and best long-term investment during turbulent times: invest in your employees.

Podcasts (and videos)

  • Building Internet Infrastructure Into a Utility. (Bloomberg Technology)
    I found this entry in the video’s comment feed the most intriguing: “But even after listening to the whole video I didn’t understand what is your value proposition, what your product does better than the ones we use currently, and what problem you are going to solve?!”.

    Maybe this is a last-mile play? If you’re attempting to upset a current standard and have the opportunity to join Bloomberg, might be best to have a one- or two-line overview of what problem you solve.

  • (TWTR SPC) – a16z’s Chris Dixon (@cdixon) On The State Of Crypto And Web3. (Techmeme Ride Home)
    Friend of the show, Chris Dixon (@cdixon) of a16z’s crypto and web3 investing initiatives comes on to talk about the recent report: 2022 State of Crypto. We got into all the things, using our favorite lens of tech history.

    A (the?) bull of the web3 / crypto space. Good discussion.

  • The New Communicator 002: What Are We Doing With All This Data. (The New Communicator)
    The second episode of my podcast is now available. Links are below to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Overcast and SoundCloud. Give it a listen (and a like?).

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