Consume *this*. (05/23/22)

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Random thoughts

Happy Saturday. Ermm.

Happy Monday!

I took the weekend off from writing and instead did a little bit of exploring and a lot of consuming. From zines to lead magnets to martech and advertising, I felt like it was a good opportunity to learn a few things.

And, my home studio. I cleaned up my desk area. I have my computer (a Mac Mini M1) and external drive mounted under the desk, and I use an old iPhone as my web camera.

My workspace.

Hoping your week is productive.

Articles (and emails)

  • B2B brands can be cool, too. “Don’t fall into the trap that you need to rip out everything that you are doing and start acting “more like a B2C brand”. That’s just the trendy thing to say right now.” (link)

    Every audience is unique. Start with yours, then pull and pluck things from other industries, verticals, etc.

  • The difference btw a community and an audience is which way the chairs are facing. (link)

    This just made a lot of sense.

  • Primary-engagement monetization. (link)

    Brian’s article, and his Substack, is focused on media and publishers. From an advertising perspective, the following graphic sure feels close to a B2B model.

Podcasts (and videos)

  • Why don’t all cameras have this? Flippy screens. When I was buying my first camera, the flippy screen was the most talked about feature and the most heated discussion on the type of flippy screen, if they are needed, etc. (link)
  • First-Party Data, Media Context & Ad Creative Have Key Roles in Cookie-Less Future. Yup. (link)
  • The New Communicator 002: What Are We Doing With All This Data. (link) The second episode of my podcast. I’m embedding the SoundCloud track below. Give it a listen (and a like?).

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