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Random thoughts

Feels like there was a big privacy push this week. From TV spots to YouTube videos to articles, the media was full of messages about our data being exposed and abused.

Articles (and emails)

  • Facebook may take 7% revenue hit from Apple privacy changes. “Update, April 27 2021: This article was written in January 2021, when the public expectation was that ATT would be made mandatory at the end of Q1 2021 or at the beginning of Q2 2021. Ultimately, ATT was made mandatory on April 25th, or near the middle of Q2, meaning that much of Q2 was unaffected by ATT. I am leaving this article as-is, but readers should interpret the projections to apply one quarter later than they are cited.” (link)
  • An Interview with Eric Seufert About the Post-ATT Landscape. ($) “Forget about the ability to do targeting, that’s gone or at least to the extent that they were able to do it before, that’s gone forever. When you go from individual level targeting to group level targeting, you just lose some precision and that’s gone forever.”‌ (link)

Podcasts (and videos)

  • Introducing ‘First Person,’ a New Podcast From New York Times Opinion. When a lot of us hear the word “opinion” we think of hot takes — points of view in reaction to the news. But what about the experiences that shape our opinions?” (link)
  • Our new TV & Radio campaign, “Watching You”, launches nationwide in the U.S. today 🤗. One of two privacy-focused campaigns launched this week. (link)
  • Privacy on iPhone | Data Auction | Apple. The second of two privacy-focused campaigns. (link)

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