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Random thoughts

A lunar eclipse this weekend.

And late at night / early in the morning here in North America, giving a better chance to photograph it without light noise.

Monday might be a bit blurry eyed.

Articles (and emails)

  • Signaling premium (link). “The strongest brands will have real connections with real people. They’ll be able to motivate those communities to take actions and connect to each other.”‌
    This is a good article focused on positioning media organizations as premium (then and now). How does your business message its premium-ness? Its people? Certifications? Solutions? Services? Culture?
  • Why Celebs Risk It All Eating Spicy Wings on the ‘Hot Ones’ Talk Show (link). “Hot Ones may thrive because Evans is a compelling, competent, and entertaining host who asks guests unique questions, but it also thrives because guests, and the audience, can trust that they’re in a safe, albeit spicy, space.”‌
    ‌One of the better interviewers today, bringing a different platform and environment for guests. Take this approach with the next story. There’s been a lot of change with news broadcasters and their styles. Defining who is a proper host continues to change as well. (The Gordon Ramsay interview is both incredibly hilarious and insightful.)
  • Judy Woodruff Announces Plans To Step Down As Anchor Of ‘PBS NewsHour,’ Will Transition To Reporting And Special Projects (link). “Ever since its inception in the 1970s, with Jim Lehrer and Robert McNeil as co-anchors, NewsHour has stood out among the evening newscasts for its in-depth, nuanced look at the major issues of the day, bypassing many of the more sensational headlines for a thought-provoking approach to reporting.”‌
    What an amazing career. And what a stellar lineup PBS-related news shows had back in the day. Alan Greenspan was a private contributor, Paul Kangas, Gwen Ifill and so many more.

Podcasts (and videos)

  • An Interview with “Father of the iPod” Tony Fadell (link). I’m almost through this podcast (link is to the member article). It’s good however the audio is a little janky. And the discussion really focused on hardware. Motherboard-level hardware (which is awesome, if you are into that sort of thing).

    I liked this passage from Tony and, in hindsight, how terrible of a decision it was (and how wonderful the decision to change it was): “Look, Steve’s opinion specifically was at the beginning of the iPod project was, “We are going to make this amazing thing called the iPod” — we didn’t know it was called the iPod at that time — but “We’re going to make this thing, and this is going to drive Mac sales”. So to use the iPod, you’re going to have to buy a Mac, and that was his opinion.” (audio)

  • The F.A. Cup Final. ‘FINALLY’ (link). “More screaming fans than The Beatles”. (video)
  • The New Communicator 001: Hello (link). My podcast! In this welcome episode, I talk about a 15-year old video, its relevance to today’s B2B communications and a bit about the the name of this podcast. (audio)‌

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