Consume *this*. (05/05/22)

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Consume *this* is a list of the articles, emails, podcasts and videos I find valuable (and I think you will, too!) as they relate to the understanding of communications, marketing and technology. With fascinating and blunt commentary from yours truly.

Random thoughts

We’re building some new messaging and positioning frameworks for a handful of our partners. An interesting discussion from yesterday:

  • B2B services: It’s time-cosuming and resource-sucking to have a now-focused net-new client acquisition strategy.
  • Websites still have relevancy in controlling messaging (and enabling co-marketing opportunities).
  • We can either go in two directions: Continue assuming we’re competing with each other in a regional market or combine forces to provide a full-suite of services to clients and prospects.

I’m certainly biased. I enjoyed this conversation.

Articles (and emails)

  • 103 Bits of Advice I Wish I Had Known (link). “Anything you say before the word “but” does not count.”

    I’ve tried to remove “but” from my vocabulary. It’s really difficult.

  • Just heard about a company where you can leave … (link). “Just heard about a company where you can leave any meeting at any time if you feel like it’s a waste of energy. The result: People are way more prepared for meetings.”

    I’m one of the weirdos that enjoys meetings. They are super productive and helpful in unearthing questions or angles we might have missed. I’m also one of the weirdos that sends agendas ahead of time and refers back to them at the start of the meeting.

  • The future of digital marketing & tech (link). “Companies have to think at a profound level about the nature of the experience and relationship that they offer. What does it mean to your customer and why should they care?”

    Uber had the customer experience right all along. Reduce (eliminate?) friction. Leverage current distribution models. And make it obvious (and easy) to do one thing. While the backend technology is critical, why aren’t more marketing / experience folks in those conversations to ensure the customer is represented?

Podcasts (and videos)

  • A Post-Roe Map of America. (link). An interesting albeit fairly obvious direction America is heading towards. Even more fascinating: no mid-roll ads. Is this the one topic even advertisers won’t touch? (audio)
  • The guy that gave the home run ball to that kid. (link). This story keeps getting better. And one that has to be good for Judge’s contract talks. (If I were Judge’s comms folks, this would be all over the news.) Also, #LGM. (video)
  • Real Madrid vs. Manchester City: Extended Highlights | UCL Semi-Finals – Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo. (link). I’m assuming you’ve seen / read / heard about the result. If not, close your email / browser and walk away now.

    I only watched the replay video above. What a match. And what a rematch it will be. (video)

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