Consume *this*. (04/26/22)

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Consume *this* is a list of the articles, emails, podcasts and videos I find valuable as they relate to the understanding of communications, marketing and technology. With blunt commentary from yours truly.

Random thoughts

I’ve made an effort to follow Formula 1 more closely this year. It started with the Netflix show ‘Drive to Survive’ and so far, I’ve only missed live-watching one of the races.

A few things I’m interested in:

  • Watching ‘Drive to Survive’ before even watching one race was totally worth it. Seeing the personalities in the offices, the garages, the pits, in the cars, etc. It’s all very fascinating.
  • I like certain sports. I really like sports broadcasters. (Radio/Audio broadcasters are the best.) I haven’t looked into the tandem who call the Formula 1 races, however they are very good. Finding stories within stories is an art – these two certainly have it.
  • The camera angles. The teamwork. The in-car technology. The communications devices. My goodness.
  • Growing up, we went to the racetrack in Las Vegas. My dad’s company even sponsored one of the cars for a few races. Maybe that’s where the interest comes from.

Articles (and emails)

  • The 5 Strategy Rules of Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs (link): “That was the moment of truth whether he was going to be a product company or a platform company. In the end, the opportunity to build an ecosystem was more important.”

    A story I leaned on while writing the ‘What is strategy?’ article. I’m a big fan of anything Andy Grove related. I first listened to his book ‘Only the paranoid survive’ in my commute to and from college. And I can’t get enough of platforms/ecosystems v. products discussions.

  • Twitter employees search for answers as Musk deal takes shape. (link): “Twitter employees also said they are frustrated because they weren’t hearing much from their management about what was going on with the takeover fight and what it meant for them, even as Twitter closed in on a deal with Mr. Musk on Monday morning.”

    “It’s not the change that’s tough, it’s the lack of certainty.” That’s a quote that has stuck with me for awhile. In the midst of so much change, the lack of communications causes a mass amount of uncertainty. It’ll be easier to dissect this change in a week. Right now though, when the CEO responds inconclusively (and seemingly stripped of influence), it’s not easy for anyone. (Especially for a public company.)

  • The future of work (link): “Media born from a legitimate interest tends to be more valuable than engineered media that looks for an arbitrage opportunity.”

    I enjoy Brian’s work, even before he started The Rebooting. His knack for asking (meddling?) questions of media executives provides responses that non-media industries should apply to their own businesses. If you / your company is genuinely interested in the end result of your product / service, that’s a differentiator that’s tough for the algorithmic folks to compete with.

Podcasts (and videos)

  • I keep making the same mistake. (link). A good, purposefully raw video from the normally polished Matt D’Avella. Sometimes we take on too much and only know it’s too much when we’re in the middle of it all. (video)
  • H.I. 103: Don’t read the comments. (link): It should come as no surprise that I’m a big believer in the no longer updated Hello Internet podcast. This particular episode at this timestamp starts the discussion of Ryan Holiday’s ‘Confessions’ book. While this episode was released nearly four years ago, it’s relevant in the wake of the Twitter takeover discussions / outcomes. (audio)
  • it’s been 3 years since we left NYC (link): Casey Neistat’s YouTube videos have an unpredictable upload schedule since he left New York. By design. It’s videos like this one that get his fans excited and wishing for more. We left NYC nearly 6 years ago. The feelings are relatable. (video)

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