Consume *this*. (04/23/22)

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Consume *this* is a list of the articles, emails, podcasts and videos, I find valuable as they relate to the intersection of communications, marketing, technology (and other cool stuff). With blunt commentary from yours truly.

Random thoughts

Looking ahead, the last weekend of this Premier League season is going to be something else, with must-win games including (my guess):

  • Everton @ Arsenal: Everton fighting to stay up; Arsenal winning to get into the top four
  • Aston Villa @ Manchester City: Villa to stay in the Premier League; Manchester City to win the league
  • Wolves @ Liverpool: Wolves to stay in Europa contention; Liverpool to win the league
  • Manchester United @ Crystal Palace: A bit of a stretch today – The winner may take the final spot in the Europa League

Articles (and emails)

  • The the truth about first-party data strategy (link): “Two-thirds of consumers want relevant ads.” “…half of the same consumers surveyed were uncomfortable sharing their data for the purpose of receiving personalized ads.”.

    A real charm of a report you have there. I thought B2B was supposed to be the difficult audience to market to?

  • Content syndication is the old way. (link): “I’ve gone through marketing rehab and now see the light. It’s never been about my metrics. It’s always been about adding value. I just needed some time to figure it out.”

    It’s all about that corporate alignment. If your sales teams are saying the leads suck, ask why they suck. And get specific, concrete answers. Then, go find a different source of contacts for lead generation. My guess: There’s a highly qualified network of contacts at your finger tips.

  • Pre-Save Succession: Season 3 (link): Haven’t seen this before. Kinda cool.

Podcasts (and videos)

  • One week to go (link): Succession, Season 3. (video)
  • 2022 Prospects Award Show (link): Very impressive entries and winners. We provided the awards for the mobile category. (video)
  • H.I. #83: The Best Kind of Prison (link): This episode is nearly five years old. I still listen to it a few times a month.

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