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This is a long post and was a hard one to write — I hope you’ll give it your thoughtful attention. But first, let me introduce you to my plant.

That’s one of the early passages in Jason Kottke’s post from this week: Announcement: I’m Going to Miss You, But I Am Taking a Sabbatical.

I don’t know Jason, other than from his internet persona. Which these days, seems more and more a regular thing. And that’s really probably not that big of a deal. I remember my sister meeting someone on the internet decades ago (!).

We’re all unique and process things (no matter how impactful) in unique ways. Given Jason’s noted recent life changes, it certainly seems a sabbatical is something that will recharge his batteries.

I’ve often wondered what that “sabbatical point” is. Not that a 6-month sabbatical is something we should all consider (or, even, something that we can all afford to do). However, what happens when we hit that point?

And what happens when we do hit that point? Do we acknowledge it as that point and make sure we don’t ever get near that point again?

Or, does it reset how we define that point going forward? Can we handle more? Should we be able to handle more? Does that make us weaker? Stronger?

If we’re all wired a little differently, then how do we have that conversation about that point?

And what does that say about our character? If we’ve been able to dutifully handle things without incident to this point, does expressing that point reshape how we’re viewed by others?

Should it?

We’re heading up to Glacier National Park in a few weeks. It’s a good time to check out from the world around us.

And maybe to see if we’re near that point.

Glacier National Park: Photo by

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