I made a book. It’s for sale.

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In December, I published my first book. It’s a photo book with words. Not a book-book in the book sense. Still, a book.

The book chronicles my December trip to Phoenix, which I wrote about here. You can find some of the images used in this book below.

What you get:

  • A digital version of my Phoenix travel guide
  • Overview of my trip
  • Locations of places visited
  • Photos taken by me

Who’d enjoy this book:

  • Folks on business trips with limited time
  • Folks on weekend visits
  • Folks who like any combination of speakeasy and dive bars, inexpensive restaurants, outdoor art installations and hipster coffee shops

When I travel, I have a deep interest in finding local spots and hidden gems. My hope is that once we’re able to travel again, this book will get folks excited about traveling to Phoenix. This is also my first personal attempt at an ecommerce site. Strange, seeing that I’ve build ecommerce sites for businesses dating back to 2006.

Buy it today in the Apple Book Store!

Also available:

Some of the photos used in this book…






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