Digital advertising is a mess

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This list by no means represents every person or company involved in cleaning up digital advertising. Instead, we’ve tried to include a mixture of executives from brands, publishers, agencies, consultants, and tech companies working to solve the variety of problems plaguing the industry.

Here are the 23 ad insiders to know who are working to clean up digital advertising, listed alphabetically.

Here are the top three “ad insiders” I’m hoping to follow in 2019.

  1. Dennis Buchheim, SVP and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab: Buchheim is a digital-ad veteran, having worked at Yahoo and Microsoft before joining the IAB in 2016. He leads the organization’s 30 working groups to develop initiatives aimed at reducing friction between publishers, ad-tech firms, and advertisers.

    It’s the intersection of those three friction points that interest me the most.

  2. Anda Gansca, CEO and Founder, Knotch: Knotch wants to arm chief marketing officers with data on how effective their ad campaigns are as an alternative to agencies and tech companies that often spin their own data for marketers and “get to tell their own story,” according to CEO and founder Gansca.

    “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

  3. Alanna Gombert, Global Chief Revenue Officer, MetaX: Digital ad veteran Gombert is betting big on blockchain after logging gigs at the IAB, Condé Nast, Google, and Omnicom Media Group. Gombert is the global CRO of MetaX, a blockchain startup that lets consumers and marketers buy tokens that can be used to essentially give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down on which publications should be allowed to be served ads. Those publishers are then added to the adChain registry, which is billed as a universal list of publications safe for all brands. And because it’s written in the blockchain, the list cannot be tampered with.

    Blockchain. Blockchain. Blockchain.

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