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The Worst User Experiences On The Internet

We will take a page from Quartz and favor high-end advertisements that add value for the user over JavaScript-heavy programmatic ads that degrade performance. We will give users an uninterrupted path to editorial offerings and use design to enhance them.
— http://www.niemanlab.org/2016/12/the-year-of-the-user/

Let's hope this is the start of something revolutionary - putting the same amount of effort into display ads as the content itself.

Me, almost 12 months ago to the date:

The FTC even provides a guideline to ensure “native advertising is not deceptive”
— https://www.wiljr.org/read/2016/1/1/something-other-than-ads

While specific to native advertising, the thought process is the same - what experience are we trying to deliver to our readers?

Wil A.