2012 Journalism & Digital Trends: Recap

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I headed over to NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute last night to attend the 2012 Journalism & Digital Trends meetup put on by the Online News Association. The moderator and panel members were great:

  • Jay Rosen, NYU: Moderator (@jayrosen_nyu)
  • Meghan Peters, Community Manager at Mashable (@petersmeg)
  • Emily Bell, Director of Tow Centre for Digital Journalism at Columbia J School, (@emilybell)
  • Charlie O’Donnell, Partner at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures (@ceonyc)
  • Steve Rubel, EVP/Global Strategy and Insights for Edelman (@steverubel)

2012 Journalism & Digital Trends

Jay’s pre-meetup homework for each panelist was to talk about a digital trend in journalism they see for 2012. I’m listing their responses below (my emphasis is in bold):

  • Jay: “Editors + algorithms
  • Meghan: “Journalists are the new early adopters”
  • Emily: “Platforms not projects”
  • Charlie: “Data as news
  • Steve: “Media cloverleaf”

I’m including some other points (along with my actual notes) below:

  • I thought the trends highlighted by Jay and Charlie were spot on
  • I’m not sure if all 150 people showed up, but it was a full room around 6:30
  • There was no check-in, which I thought was odd since there were so many people asking for tickets
  • Charlie had a lot of good ideas for content discovery / curation
  • There was a lot of Google+ talk, at least initially
  • One question I would have asked: “With all these trends, how do you define ‘success’ in journalism in 2012?”
2012 Journalism & Digital Trends
2012 Journalism & Digital Trends

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