Yesterday’s Work From Home Meeting: A recap

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A terrific meeting to start the new year – Thanks to everyone that showed up yesterday!

Our fourth Work from Home Meeting was awesome – another great turnout! The conversations were outstanding. It was great to see so many people giving and receiving great ideas, suggestions, and feedback.

Here’s a quick recap from our January 18 meeting:

  • Focus: We talked a bit about being focused while working from home, especially when you’re working with a partner. The bottom line: It can be tough. But when each person is focused on their particular project, it’s no problem whatsoever.
  • Comeback: It seems the job market is starting to pick up, including outsourcing requests. This is great news for those folks working project to project.
  • Apple: A fun discussion about the future of Apple and whether they will be able to keep up their strong marketing campaigns. This topic came up as I brought a Nano to the meeting – have you seen how small these things are?!

Any other thoughts / topics I missed? Feel free to add them in the comments below!

With that, I’m hoping to put Meeting #5 together in February. I don’t have a date set yet but I’m hoping the week of February 13 works. I’ll send / post details shortly.

If you’re interested in joining us, feel free to sign up here.

We started a new series called Upper West Side: Meet Your Neighbor. The first chat is available here. If there’s anyone you’d like me to reach out to, do let me know.

I would like your help in making these meetings even better. I put together a short poll below to gather feedback. If you have a minute, I’d greatly appreciate your thoughts.

Results (Manually updated)

Should We Incorporate A Central Topic / Theme For Each Meeting?

  • Yes! A bit more structure would be great!: 1
  • No! I like the free-flowing nature of the meeting!: 4

Should We Shift The Meeting Time?

  • Yes! 1PM – 3PM: 1
  • Yes! 3PM – 5PM: 1
  • Yes! 4PM – 6PM: 1
  • No! 2PM – 4PM Works Great!: 3

Would You Want To Hear From A Guest Speaker?

  • Yes!: 2
  • No!: 4

A huge thanks to The Dead Poet Bar. The team has been very helpful and generous with their time and support. Even if you’re not attending one of these meetups, stop for a drink and a neighborhood chat.

Special thanks to @MyUpperWest and @WestSideRag for helping to get the word out. While not everyone was able to make yesterday’s meetup, the amount of interest is really strong (and that interest comes directly from them!).

A second special thanks go out to the Beastie Boys – Thanks for attending yesterday and helping to get everyone together.

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