No comments, no reply: Is there a shift happening?

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There’s MG Siegler’s discussion about disabling comments on his site. Then there’s MacStories’ piece on shutting down comments on their site.

There’s a local news blog that doesn’t have its comments turned on, either.

Seems like we’re starting to shut down all these locations that were once conversation starters and places where we could send feedback.

As the number of sites we sign up for or own increases, how do we manage the discussions on these sites?

There are conversations happening on your own website, posts around the web, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, email, etc. That’s a lot of tabs to keep open.

Or maybe there’s another solution for this right around the corner?

There are tools like Disqus and, both of which are great tools to help manage our conversations in one place.

Either way, as Siegler points out, this “…could be the first real step towards the reinvention of online feedback and discussion that the space desperately needs”.

Let’s hope so. Some of these comment threads are rewarding to follow. Hopefully managing them will soon be rewarding, too.

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