Working in the office: A hinderance?

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A few recent pieces are continuing to impress that the most productive business takes place away from the office. How can that be?

Jason Fried gives a presentation about how managers & meetings disrupt the workflow at the office.

Phil Montero (@philmontero) over at The Anywhere Office has a fun, but disturbing, look at how we spend our time while at the office. Yikes, scary stuff.

I would think these are snapshots in time, not taken over a longer period. I wonder how a long-term project would benefit from working in the office with your team or if remotely would actually increase the efficiency in getting the project completed?

Perhaps it all comes down to the players.

My team may be able to work more productively away from the office – maybe working remotely once a week to get specific aspects of the project complete. But over the length of the project, having face time with the team probably helps speed up communication.

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