Is doing nothing your best option?

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Over the past weekend, I was reading about Liverpool’s upcoming match against Birmingham City.

The big concern is a new manager deploying a new playing style while new players are coming in and others are being sold and loaned out.

The chaos leading up to the transfer deadline (31-Aug) made for an unsettling fan base and a disjointed start to the season.

Adding in the results from the year before and it doesn’t make for a pretty picture.

Liverpool FC Logo

The pressure on Roy Hodgson, the Reds’ new manager, is immense.

Matching the expectations is going to be tough, and the lack of scoring over the first few weeks isn’t helping.

When asked about picking up a striker during the transfer window, Hodgson’s response was that he looked but didn’t see anything that fit with his needs. When pressed, he dropped this gem:

Maybe that player at the moment doesn’t exist

That certainly is a refreshing stance.

Instead of bringing in someone that may not fit with the club’s culture or/and long-term plans, Hodgson decided doing nothing was the best option for his team.

Imagine if we approached decisions with this same thoughtfulness.

Yes, I need something to fit, but sticking a round peg in a square hole may not get me where I need to go, and it may in fact put me back instead of helping me to drive forward.

Getting the most of the resources currently in-house should be the goal of each manager, no matter in sport or in business. There needs to be a balance between the amount of resources needed to complete a project or goal and the costs associated a new resources immediate and long-term impact.

It’s a thin line, and one that seems to shift frequently. But don’t forget the option of doing nothing.

Sometimes, you’ll find a hidden gem (c’mon Pacheco).

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