Are you looking for the competition that isn’t there?

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If not, you should be.

The problem isn’t with the all the competing businesses, its with the folks who do two things:

  • Decide to do it themselves
  • Decide to do nothing

Either of these choices can be awful for us marketers, and really terrible for the customer.

As Seth Godin said recently:

Stop worrying so much about comparing yourself to every other possible competitor you can imagine and start comparing yourself to nothing. Are you really worth the hassle, the risk, the time, the money?

That sure made me think twice.

Oh, I’m not competing with the other company / person / brand? I’m actually trying to show the customer that what I can do for them provides enough value that they should:

  • Decide to do leverage a marketer’s experience to get to their destination
  • Decide to do something

Time to rethink what we’re trying to accomplish.

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