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I’m trying Google Buzz and a few integrations with various other tools. Apologies for any duplicate posts in the Twitter/Google/Links sections on the right.

My initial thoughts:

  1. There are many hooks – from Picassa to Google Mail to registered websites. That’s nice, but it also takes a bit to understand why, and if, these need to be hooked together. That’s what I’m going through now.
  2. I like that it brings in Twitter posts. I can remove the Twitter feed and just have the Google Buzz feed, which would include the Twitter posts. See “1”, above.

Much like the Apple iPad announcement, there are a lot of folks screaming and yelling that Google is too late to the social party.

I’m not sure I agree with that – there are a lot of Google web properties/communities where Buzz could help tie together.

Still, like other social networking tools, it’s best to figure out what purpose it has for you, before diving in with both feet.

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