Protecting the most important brand

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I recently left a position with a technology firm where I was the head of marketing, along with a few other hats (it’s a small-ish company).

During my time there, I learned a tremendous number of professional and social lessons, both inside and outside of marketing.

The one thing that is sticking out in my mind (at least, right now) is how much goes into protecting a brand – especially one that was built over a number of years and included a lot of really, really hard work.

That’s probably true of a lot of brands, but one built from the ground up is even more special.

As I thought more about this, I realized this particular brand wasn’t the only one that was created and protected with extreme vigor and passion, even though I really never thought about it in this way until now.

That other brand?

Me. My brand. I am my own product in the market, and I darn well better protect the heck out of myself.

I’m no longer there. So why does that matter now?  And why am I thinking about it now?

Well, now is when my brand takes care of me. All the effort – from marketing to sales to business development – put into this particular brand (me!) is now speaking on my behalf.

I’m super proud of what I left behind.

And I’m even more excited that this brand is wanted by another team.

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