Tour de France

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Are you watching le Tour de France this year?

Versus is broadcasting each stage live on their website, with different methods of watching it – free, for pay, etc.

I used to watch this race religiously, and when they set up a race in San Francisco a number of years back right around the corner from where I was living, I couldn’t wait.

I think the doping scandals turned me off for a bit, but I sure am glad I’m following it again this year.

I’m sure every kid that’s ever hopped on a bike and tried to peddle faster than another biker (whether they knew it or not) has to have a spoke-and-wheel emotional resurrection when watching these guys.

I think it’s the terrific camera and commentating angles that reel me in – Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin capture the excitement and make it feel as if you are right there.

Plus, the back-and-forth chatting is really enjoyable – whether they are talking about a specific stage, part of the country, or some historical aspect of the race, it’s all good.

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