My Virgin experience

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I flew Virgin America for the first time, out of Kennedy in New York to San Francisco.

I was geared up for a “new” flying experience.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault necessarily – I mean, how much can a cross-country flight change?

I’ve heard from a few folks who have flown Virgin and they have all had great things to say about their flights. Maybe I just don’t expect that much out of an airline, or maybe I have come to the realization that the only way to truly make a flight better is to not get on the plane in the first place.

Either way, I don’t think there’s much to change about the flying experience.

Back to Virgin.

The purple lighting was cool. The relaxibg music was neat. The personal food / drink ordering system is a nice thought (except that it really doesn’t work since everyone orders at the same time).

Of course, the on-board Internet service was the big hook, but do I really need to be online?

We arrived at our destination on time and in good spirits. That’s the service I expected and that’s what I got.

The rest of it?

Whipped cream on a fudge-frosted cake (when you are on a diet).

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