Jay DeMerit: Today’s key to success

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My buddy JR and I were at Tigin after a round of golf to watch the USA v. Egypt game.

The more we watched Jay DeMerit play, the more excited we got.

At one point during the game, DeMerit calmly sized up his opponent, then provided a strong, crunching tackle. The opponent just lay there while DeMerit had gotten up and moved on.

JR looked at me, with a huge smile, and said “That was an English tackle”.

With today’s Confederations Final against Brazil, I think DeMerit is going to be the key. The USA will probably want Onyewu to stay at home in defense, while DeMerit steps in to break up the play before Kaka and Robinho play a clever one-two.

I just finished the NY Times article on DeMerit this morning – great read.

A few quotes that stuck out for me:

He will put his head where other people are not even prepared to put their feet.

– Aidy Boothroyd, Watford Manager

I understand where I am and where I need to go. It comes with being patient and waiting for an opportunity and not being daunted by the task ahead.

– Jay DeMerit

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