Traveling light, or easy?

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Seems like they’d be the same thing, but for the casual business/holiday traveler, is it better to travel light (carry-ons only) or easy (checked bags, nothing to carry)?

For my recent business and holiday trips, I think the light version of traveling would have been better – less to actually lug around, especially on business trips. During this last round, I was taking a late flight home, which meant that I had to leave my checked bag at the hotel when I checked out.

Normally not a big deal, except I had a meeting in the afternoon in Oakland and my hotel was in San Francisco. Since I was taking BART to the meeting, I could have just taken my carry-on with me to the meeting, then hopped back on an SFO-bound BART train.

It was nice not carrying that second piece of luggage (I had my work bag with me, too).

But, while I was waiting for my bag to spit out onto the baggage carousel, I wanted so badly to beat the line to the taxi stand and head home.

I think next time I’ll pack lighter, making the trip easier.

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