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Hey. It’s Wil.

I write about the intersection of communications and technology, especially for those looking to build new ways to communicate with their B2B clients. Thanks for being here.

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Creating a podcast is a terrific way to reach your audience using audio, where they can listen to your message during commute or leisure time. Including images or video provides additional clarity to the spoken word.

Building content for each show is challenging and producing each episode is time-consuming. However, building an engaged community around a specific topic is a terrific and rewarding experience.


I wanted to discover how to develop, produce, and promote a podcast.

Further podcast details can be found in my blog post, “Using A Podcast To Build Your Authority, Visibility“.


The growth of the podcast continues to increase, and every episode brings challenges and excitement in production and promotion.


  • Marketing: SEO, SEM, Landing pages, Navigation, Splash screens, Copy writing, Creative
  • Technology: WordPress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, iTunes, FeedBurner, Skype, GarageBand, iMovie, Google Analytics, Google Docs
  • Leadership: Project management, Time management, Interviewing


With user feedback from regions as diverse as Philadelphia, South Africa, and Austria, the podcast is a terrific channel for promoting value globally.

The Daily Scrum podcast was a podcast avaialble on iTunes.

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