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TITLE: Rollin’


B-roll: Start Cafe Habana. 

Script: This is Cafe Habana in Manhattan, a bustling Cuban cafe on the Lower East Side. We're in New York visiting for a few days, stomping around the old neighborhood, meeting friends and generally relaxing. Which is an odd thing to say when there are millions of people on this tiny island.

That background? It's called b-roll. And it's what I've been working on for this podcast for the past few weeks and months. What's b-roll and what’s it doing in this podcast?

Stay tuned.

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B-roll. It’s something you hear or see each time you watch a movie or TV show. Or when you listen to the radio or a podcast. It’s the stuff going on around the focus of the show. It gives the clip depth, familiarity, context. It’s a small part of an otherwise large broadcast but it helps to set the tone. And in audio, tone is everything.

According to iTunes, I launched Please Let Me on February 12, 2017. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been capturing b-roll audio and thinking how I’d use it in this podcast. It hasn’t always been an easy thing to do. But over these past few weeks, I’ve learned a thing or two about grabbing audio in my surroundings.

From a convenience perspective, I’ve been using an app called Just Press Record. While it’s available for the iPhone and Mac I generally use it on the Apple Watch. It sits in a complication slot, making it super easy to launch and convenient while I’m doing something that might need both hands. Typing, for instance. The integration with iCloud makes it simple to locate the recorded files then catalog them for future use.

On the iPhone, I use the built-in Voice Recorder app. It’s simple and syncs with iTunes so it’s easy to find and catalog. I might move to a single app across all devices for an added level of convenience. But this seems to work for now.

On the Mac, I use Just Press Record as well. Not too many instances when I need to use it on my Mac but it’s available with a click of the mouse if needed.

Cataloguing it has been fun. And frustrating. I don’t know how I’ll use these clips in the future. If I don’t know how I’ll use them, it’s tough to figure out their names and descriptions. I have a good naming system in place now, but time will tell how effective it will be.


Now that I have the start to a growing collection of audio I’m working more and more on the podcast’s narrative. There are those nagging questions in the back of my mind - Why do this? Does anyone care? - but I’m more excited about trying something new to let those questions get in the way. So while I’m creating a guideline for future episodes, I’ve been working on the logistics and distribution processes.

Please Let Me has been added to iTunes and Overcast - the two spots I’m most familiar when it comes to podcasts. That’ll be the ongoing challenge - how do I and by extension we get more and more people to tune in? The thought being that the more people interested in the podcast, the more options we’ll have for additional content.

To support this discovery process, I’ve added a splash page to my website ( encouraging visitors to learn more about Please Let Me. This splash page offers visitors to subscribe to an email where I’ll send updates and notes about Please Let Me. I’ll post articles and my transcripts to my site. If you’re following me on Twitter (@wiljr), I’ll tweet out new episodes once they become available. I may even run some ads here and there, although I’m thinking hard about this. I’ve seen a few folks advertise their podcasts and it hasn’t felt like a good experience.

While I have authored two other podcasts, Please Let Me will be the first to include chapters. If you’re looking at your podcast player, I’m hoping chapters will allow you to skip around and have the option to learn more about a specific section through links to websites, additional copy and more.


In the next episode, I’m planning a discussion about tools. It’s a small and odd thing, but the experience can make or break a situation.

Kinda like b-roll.

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