Hi John,

Can I join you on your podcast? A few reasons why:

  • I'm a big fan (I still think the discussion with David Pogue on Charlie Rose was one of your finer moments)
  • I'm a safe bet
  • I'm an "average" technology guy (ie, I don't chase the stories), which might be a connecting and compelling angle for your audience
  • I'm in need of a kidney to save my life (no lie: I'm in it for the exposure)


A little more

Over the last few weeks, my wife and I have done some soul-searching to get more exposure about my condition: I'm at stage four of a chronic kidney illness and am in search of a good samaritan organ donor.

You recently tweeted out one of my stories (below, thanks!) and with the recent and upcoming talk about health (ie, Tim Cook, Steve Jobs book, ResearchKit, etc.), I thought the time was right to ask if I could join you on your podcast. Also, I'd make an interesting guest.

your angle

  • You can ask a "regular" guy (ie, not in journalism, working at Apple, etc.) about the intersection of technology and business / life
  • The interview might be some publicity for the good
  • Free drinks at Hop Sing


My angle

  • There's no other way to say it - I need a kidney and the only way I can find a kidney is if I get a little more exposure
  • I have a unique background that might provide some insight into today's non-solo professional, which I think resembles a big part of your audience
  • I've only hosted podcasts - it'd be fun to be a passenger

Either way, thanks for a great podcast (and site and Twitter feed).