Facebook, Apple or the media: Who is flip-flopping their message?

But the thread running through everything was that if you buy an Apple device, it’s yours. And it’s you. And if you buy, well, anything else, you’re just a slab of meat holding a slab of glass through which the internet will manipulate and extract data from you any way it wants. So, yeah, the garden’s walls may be high, but Apple says that’s only to keep you safe.


Sure, lots of subtext between Apple and Facebook lately. However, I’m picking Protocol (the media) as the flip-flopping machine here.

A few examples. All quotes are from the linked article above.

You can be tracked by a complex ecosystem of data brokers and ad-tech firms, often without your permission.

Protocol, the media, begins this article with a focus on privacy. Then quickly pivots its focus to control. Yet never really gets into what control means.

Apple is trying to distill all the complex pieces of privacy concerns by allowing the customer to control what level of privacy they are willing to endure. Using simple language. Not ‘data brokers’ and ‘ad-tech firms’ or other complex items.

Privacy is mentioned 7 times in the article.

Control is mentioned twice.

Sorry, what’s the article about?

Then there’s this one:

To help more creators make a living on our platforms, we’re going to keep paid online events, fan subscriptions, badges, and our upcoming independent news products free for creators until 2023.

How does Protocol dedicate a slanted 419 words to Apple’s privacy…errrr…control message yet only 134 words to what Apple’s ‘foes’ are doing?

The quote above is from Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook, keeping specific products ‘free for creators until 2023’.

That’s laughable, right?

No talk about privacy or control options there? Or what Facebook has done over the years to expose user’s data?

What message is Protocol trying to tell here?

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