I like the iPad because…

…it makes sense for those folks who CONSUME media and are looking for a more efficient way of doing so.

Yes, I like my iPhone and my MacBook – both are great for what they do, and they are terrible for what they do not.

Am I upset that I can’t create a Keynote presentation or Flash-based mini-site or an Excel-based analysis of my marketing budget on my iPhone? No, that’s why I have a computer.

Yes – I might be able to do some of these things on the iPhone but it’s not practical, and certainly not efficient.

Am I upset that I have to lug my laptop around when all I want to do is catch up on some online reading, wading through email, or reviewing my calendar? Yeah, a little bit.

And that’s what the iPad offers – the ability to CONSUME all this media that all these people are creating from a wide-range of systems/platforms/applications.

Here’s what I don’t understand when folks get ornery about the iPad – what’s the alternative?

  • The successful, yet limited, Amazon Kindle? Too little for too much.
  • A netbook? I’m not looking for another computer, and certainly don’t need to deal with all the extra baggage of applications, settings, etc.
  • A book? For sure, if a single source is what I’m looking to read.

Here’s something that does make sense to me:

This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Can’t believe Tim O’Reilly thought it was worth mentioning in twitter.”

— Kapila

12/31/22 update: Wow. How far the iPad has come in terms of features, usability and brand.

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