What’s happening to quality control?

Over the first two months of the new year, I’ve started to notice a number of spelling, grammar or just plain lazy mistakes when reading copy – even from larger publications.

What’s happening?

Don’t get me wrong, we’re all guilty of hiccups now and then. It just seems lately there is an inordinate amount of errors, mainly with news sites.

The other sites, like this one, we can mostly forgive – we don’t have a backroom staff of editors, proofers, etc.

I’m guessing this has to do with the number and type of staffers that have been let go over the previous 12-18 months – we’re doing much more with much less, and the quality is starting to wane.

That’s no good.

At what point does this quality start turning people away, especially as it relates to the ‘pay walls’ currently being discussed by the NY Times, etc.?

Quality control might not be seen as a revenue-generating item, but it should be seen as a revenue-costing item, and treated with the same respect.

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